Jessica Simpson is great at making favorite riding boots seen in an earlier post are also by her...i am sure she is really not the brains behind the amazing shoes; i love them nonetheless.

these are my latest find...the knotted bootie
find them on victorias secret online.

4 lovely years

Four years ago today I married a beautiful boy named Joshua...
that has been the best decision I've ever made!
I love you sweetie!
You are the best lovebug...

look at how he holds our baby....

christmas is only 2 weeks away...i need more than 2 weeks to get ready, but i think we always feel that way!! Mother nature created a winter wonderland last night. It is definitely making the season! I had to work today and boots were the only thing i felt like wearing...i just feel like watching Home Alone and drinking a warm drink...mmmmmmm

I found this adorable bag by Haiku on

follow this link to buy it! (hint, hint)

enjoy!! it's perty

plume by tula pink

this is a new fabric that is due out in January. The line is called plume and it is by tula pink


the other pieces in the collection are absolutely divine as well...
i have been sewing a lot, but much of it is for i can't share quite yet, but i will soon.



On Friday Joshua and I were subjects for a photo shoot for an amazing photographer named Vanessa Millecam. She did such a great job! here is the link to feast your eyes on...



wish list


riding boots

cannot wait for these to come in the mail!!

i got the brown suede ones!

Japanese adventures coming soon!

emmy's 2009

Lets be honest, i didn't watch the Emmy's, but my mom called me in when the gossip girls were on, and oh my heaven!

Blake Lively looked amazing!

pics of the j man

these are some photos taken by matt clayton at
of joshua...
i am absolutely obsessed.
he always seems to capture joshua so well
so i guess i have to say

i have the HOTTEST husband ever!

Joshua just released his second full length album on itunes (available for digital download) yesterday!! He is currently at #1 on the singer/songwriter genre on itunes....YEA!!!!
way to go baby!

he will be playing two shows this weekend, both at velour in provo. 135 n university ave provo

you will be able to buy the cd as well as the vinyl at the show! Come early to get a seat or go to itunes to purchase the digital tunes now!!

i love you baby!!

you can also go to for more info

One of my favorite new blogs, is doing an awesome giveaway for some darling cards and a forever 21 gift card (I need this...)
Check her out!!

Jimmy johns just brought free sandwiches to my work...they are my FAVORITE!! Give me my lemonade! Ewww!


Yesterday joshua and i began the master cleanse again. you know the one (lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, smooth move tea, etc.)
I made it through one day without much hunger. I did feel slightly tired and irritable (especially when a drug rep brought pizza to our office for lunch, and i could smell it even on joshua when i went home, my mind was going crazy). I haven't have horrible cravings yet. I am sure that is to come later when everything i have eaten in 23 years is cleared out of my bowels.
we shall see.
i will keep you updated.

touring blah

i just got done decorating my craft room
i love it...
it's the only girly room i have in the house so i am decking it out
pink everywhere.
it's funny when you can't have pink how much you want it
i never thought i could want it so

joshua is on a short weekend trip...he played at a aaa radio conference in boulder, co
then off to chicago to play lollapalooza (or some show associated with it)
i miss him already

this is me...hanging out at my parents house...
they are gone...too
so it's just me and the girls (heidi and pheobe...the dogs)


gym time

i am not good at going to the gym....
i cannot commit to it
i cannot find the time in the day...
there are so many other things i would like to be doing

i know, i know, these are all excuses...
maybe i need to buy a new sports bra or cute running shorts

this always did inspire me...
if i only had a garden...i would be eating healthier and exercising...yes exercising.

i went took a little coercing from my sweet husband (who by the way doesn't need to work out).

lucky duck

this is one of the reasons i don't go to the gym
cuz i look like a scary person afterward

My most favorite blog in the whole world (An Experiment in poverty) owned by the lovely doing a giveaway this week for an amazing scarf from chickdowntown. It is a great Tolani Scarf!!
Living in utah you can never have too many scarves...
i am crossing my fingers!

here is the post if you want to enter too!

this is my favorite:



her she her
the summer feelings that she brings
the tangy twist on your tongue

25 cent overalls

i got these fabulous new overalls (lee brand) from a yard sale today on my lunch break (with the sweet camille, whom i love) for 25 cents!! Amazing yard sale i must say...i got some other finds that i will post about soon!!!
i just picture a blanket by the river
me wearing my overalls with a cute highwaisted swimming suit underneath and a cute gingham head band....reading extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer and drinking fresh squeezed lemonade...
and of course sunbathing
i should have been born in a different era...

I read this on a blog today...basically changing my life for good
"be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"-Plato

Great great

4th of july....

On the fourth of july we had a lovely day with the james gang.
Ash and scott came down from rexburg and justin and danielle made the trek from orem to spend the day in AF...

we had a picnic at rotary park. it was nice because we didn't have to spend the day in the sun because of the huge trees. joshua and justin bbq ed and we ate lovely chicken. after we played a little croquet.

it was so nice to spend some time with the family!! Joshua and i later went back to rotary to listen to the wind in the trees. We didn't watch fireworks because we were pretty tuckered from the long day at the it was definitely nice just to lay in the grass and listen to the wind...with your favorite person :)

hope your day was good...

I hope to win!!!! is having a giveaway for a 25 dollar gc to target!!!

Rae Gun Ramblings: Giveaway: Fabric Bundle

i love giveaways!!!
and this fabric is adorable
i haven't rereshed my stash in a bit...
i would love to add these!


Shabby apple/Grosgrain is giving away this fabulous dress....i usually have bad luck with these blog winnings, but i was thinking that my birthday is on tuesday and my luck may be looking up for once...??

crossing my fingers

This is my mom with her new dog that she bought on Saturday! Doesn't she look happy?
She is a little 6 mo old Yorkie and i just adore her. Louie is jealous!!

We need couches...bad...I mean we watched a movie on our new tv last night while lying on the floor...classic I must say! We want something different, but not crap, under 1000 buckaroos...not leather or micro fiber....any suggestions???
Send me your ideas!

The drives have not been too long this tour, I must have needed a break because I hate driving. It is such a joy to join Joshua out on the road for the remainder of his tour...nothing makes me happier than spending time with him...I also discovered that I can read in the car, something I have never before been able to do. I am currently reading wrecking ball by christina spens, a little depressing, but it is making me appreciate life. Next up will be the virgin suicides...I love the movie so I can't wait to read the book, I am sure it will be better. I will keep you posted on the travels, much love...

i love teacups...

It's been a whole week since I blogged...I can't believe it...but I am working on moving into the new (along with a few nice people) cleaned the house yesterday and it is now move in ready...there are still a few small things to do, but I will do it later :)
Right now I am getting ahead if myself looking at wallpaper and such...I really want to go to the beehive bazaar tonight...but I probably won't make it, but I want to make a shout out to Jessie for returning to such an awesome community effort...

this cutie is from anthropologie


you know THOSE days...the bad the ones where you just would rather sob all day...
yea well that's today..
WORK...not good...i actually cried cuz it was so bad...

and i miss my love bug the j man..

ideas to turn that frown upside down??

isn't HE cute?

THEQUILTINGDIARIES.BLOGSPOT.COM is giving away a jelly roll by momo...I can't wait to hear the is currently my favorite line of fabric!!! Yeah!!

I am so happy!! Of course I an not in the loop about this, but I just learned that you can post from your text messages!! So I will be posting all the time now!! Yeah!! This is awesome!!

i must be really needy...
i am always finding more and more that i want or need :)
i don't know if you are familiar with nikki mcclure, but i have
been loving her for about a year and half now after being introduced
to her by my friend jessie...
She uses an exacto knife to cut out her art
she is just amazing
and i just love the emotion that her stuff evokes in me
this is my favorite:

but i just found this new book that she is called Things to make and do

i must get it soon
i am always doing this anyways, but what fun to have something so beautiful to write in that inspires me??

look at some of the pics:

you can find her at

her name is nikki mcclure!!

look at these!!

I recently went to the scrapbooking convention (why? i dunno...i don't scrapbook) but i found these amazing stamps and they have been making my day ever since!!!

You can view and buy them at or

There couldn't be a stamp that describes my love of sweets more completely!! All of her stuff is so cute and fantastical!! check it out!! I have already decorated a moleskin with a different sweet on every page...everytime i turn the page a have a new cute sweet smiling at me!!!
love it!!

new house!

we have been waiting for a reply on an offer on a new house in american fork since january 29th...

we found out yesterday that we got this beauty:

we will invite you all over soon!
emily and joshua :)


i love this wallpaper for a small wall in the new house...


great news

joshua recently released his record in japan under manhattan records/lexington co.

they did completely new artwork and there is even japanese writing on the record...he just got back from doing a promotional "tour"
he played at an apple store in Shibuya and at Tower records as well as had autograph signings and such...
i wanted to take pics of the record so that i would never forget it...
on the back it reads...

"All rights of the manufacture and of the owner of the records work reserved. Unauthorized copying, public performance, renting and making transmittable of this record prohibited, biotch.

that is all i have to say
i guess that they dared put it because they figured not many people could read it anyways...we didn't know anything about the record until joshua went to japan. he showed me promptly after getting home and i could not stop laughing...

pretty cool to have some japanese imports under the belt.

a plug for my babe...i am so proud of him

I have nothing but great things to say about The Sweet Tooth Fairy in provo...

They closed at 7 pm but I called and they let me come and they graciously made me some amazing cupcakes.

They gave me a cake bite the way...was AMAZING!!

The cupcakes were so adorable. I actually couldn't choose between the 4.

I got them for joshua and his practicing band...and me of course!! I got carrot cake, german chocolate cake (mine), lemon, and chocolate with peanut butter frosting and reeses pb cup on top! I tried all of them of course and they were all amazing!! I even loved the cute package that they put them in. The whole experience was great and I can't wait to cross a few more off my list
here are the remaining...
ps we went to spark last night also in provo on university ave. It was great as was also on the list

list remaining:
kneaders...for all you can eat french toast
blue lemon in highland
les madeleines in slc
dew in provo
emily jayne 801-359-3356

most are eating establishments...sad i know

new fav blog

for those of you who are unaware of my blog obsession...i found a great new blog today...well i am sure that i have looked at it before but just didn't note it

i usually fall in love with blogs that have to do with crafting, creating, sewing, etc...
this is just about life
she loves her husband and so do i
maybe that is where my love for the blog comes from
or maybe i am just so in love
with her

i am cutting mine today
i can pull it off cuz i said so :)

check out that blog

springy skirt

i thought maybe if i brought the spring spirit out it would show it's face
here is the prayer of spring in a skirt

i love it
it is made with heather bailey fabric and we im-proved a pattern that we saw in the material girls....
It is just lovely

(2 posts in one day is a little crazy for me)



i love mocassins...
these are my new ones
i just purchased them today
i was trying to get out of my box
but i bought mocassins



thinking a little shorter
straight across bangs
more fun


made it...

I made the tablerunner in my last post with the cutest new fabric called wonderland by momo for moda. It turned out adorable. What i love most about it is that it has scissors in it...representing my love of sewing. It just makes me smile to look at it!! I am still working on the binding (by the way my mom and i went to an amazing binding class last saturday at corn wagon quilt co. and we learned how to bias bind like pros :) ) But i did use my favorite fabric from the line...the pink scissor fabric. I have been making so many bags that it was so nice to take a break and sew something for myself. It was really fun quilting it with a regular machine and quilting foot. It will look great in my new kitchen :)

Again please ignore the photography...iphone working for me here :(k
no good

missing the j man like crazy...maybe that is why i am sewing so much...i gotta keep my mind off of him...he is in toronto tonight and he is greatly enjoying it

Look at the adorable pink scissor binding:

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