One of my favorite new blogs, is doing an awesome giveaway for some darling cards and a forever 21 gift card (I need this...)
Check her out!!

Jimmy johns just brought free sandwiches to my work...they are my FAVORITE!! Give me my lemonade! Ewww!


Yesterday joshua and i began the master cleanse again. you know the one (lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, smooth move tea, etc.)
I made it through one day without much hunger. I did feel slightly tired and irritable (especially when a drug rep brought pizza to our office for lunch, and i could smell it even on joshua when i went home, my mind was going crazy). I haven't have horrible cravings yet. I am sure that is to come later when everything i have eaten in 23 years is cleared out of my bowels.
we shall see.
i will keep you updated.

touring blah

i just got done decorating my craft room
i love it...
it's the only girly room i have in the house so i am decking it out
pink everywhere.
it's funny when you can't have pink how much you want it
i never thought i could want it so

joshua is on a short weekend trip...he played at a aaa radio conference in boulder, co
then off to chicago to play lollapalooza (or some show associated with it)
i miss him already

this is me...hanging out at my parents house...
they are gone...too
so it's just me and the girls (heidi and pheobe...the dogs)


gym time

i am not good at going to the gym....
i cannot commit to it
i cannot find the time in the day...
there are so many other things i would like to be doing

i know, i know, these are all excuses...
maybe i need to buy a new sports bra or cute running shorts

this always did inspire me...
if i only had a garden...i would be eating healthier and exercising...yes exercising.

i went took a little coercing from my sweet husband (who by the way doesn't need to work out).

lucky duck

this is one of the reasons i don't go to the gym
cuz i look like a scary person afterward

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