I wish this were me...
she is gorgeous!

occidental saloon

watch this video of joshua

he's a cutie pie pie


Joshua James "Green Grass" from The Occidental Saloon on Vimeo.

missing you

vanessa millecam photography.

I miss my joshua. I need a dose.

thoughts a flowin

It seems as though everytime I am swamped busy, that is when I want to do projects more than ever. I started reupholstering a chair on tuesday and it is turning out much better than expected. I didn't buy super expensive material or chair since this is my first upholstering job, but i still think it is going to turn out amazing. I got the new Pottery Barn catalog yesterday, it has some gorgeous things in it. It is a very earthy and neutral catalog, but I have been loving makes me crave light and airy rooms. here are some beautiful pillows:

Here are some work in progress photos of the chair that i am working on. i will post some pictures of the finished product if it ends up working out:


In Progress:

more soon

long time...

I was thinking about not blogging anymore...but my mom likes looking at my blog, even if I don't have anything important to I will continue!

I started nursing school on January 11th, and I am loving it!! I have learned so many cool things like: heart and lung sounds, wound irrigation and dressing, foley (indwelling) catheters, physical assessments, and much more!! I have my first clinical at UVRMC on Saturday! I will get to practice up on my skills. I am super nervous, but mostly because i have to be there by 0530 and I am not good at waking up early!! I even had class one time this week at 0800 and it was hard...i will definitely need some caffeine that day!! I love the people that are in my class...we are split into groups, which works really well because you get to know them really well and it is good to have 9 other people to feel comfortable studying with.

I bought some lovely fabric to recover a chair this last weekend. I will take pictures when I am done recovering it; we shall see how it turns out!!

hopefully i will write again before a month passes!!


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