Jessica Simpson is great at making favorite riding boots seen in an earlier post are also by her...i am sure she is really not the brains behind the amazing shoes; i love them nonetheless.

these are my latest find...the knotted bootie
find them on victorias secret online.

4 lovely years

Four years ago today I married a beautiful boy named Joshua...
that has been the best decision I've ever made!
I love you sweetie!
You are the best lovebug...

look at how he holds our baby....

christmas is only 2 weeks away...i need more than 2 weeks to get ready, but i think we always feel that way!! Mother nature created a winter wonderland last night. It is definitely making the season! I had to work today and boots were the only thing i felt like wearing...i just feel like watching Home Alone and drinking a warm drink...mmmmmmm

I found this adorable bag by Haiku on

follow this link to buy it! (hint, hint)

enjoy!! it's perty

plume by tula pink

this is a new fabric that is due out in January. The line is called plume and it is by tula pink


the other pieces in the collection are absolutely divine as well...
i have been sewing a lot, but much of it is for i can't share quite yet, but i will soon.


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