I started school on august 27, but just yesterday added 2 more classes...so i am currently overloaded. My work dropped me off of my insurance, so i figured that the best idea would be to take full time school...so that is what i am doing. I am actually finishing all of my nursing prerequisties. so it is pretty exciting. I may be lacking on the blog area in the next couple of months...but know i am thinking of all my blog friends...as well as all of the microbes i can think of!!

my classes now include



I couldn't do the master cleanse...here it is all laid out...

I had to work on labor day...it was a horrible day to say the least plus i was very ornery from not eating. I also got very sick from the cayenne and was sweating profusely. I could barely check in my patients let alone stand to do anything to them. the girls ate at kneaders and since it was a rainy day they got the best smelling soup!! it was horrible. (i am obviously a slave to food). i went to clay's birthday party after work and was so tired that i just laid on the couch while everyone ate...but they also ate something very good!! Bryan is a master chef and he made chicken noodle soup. i caved i couldn't not eat something so wonderful. joshua was pretty upset, but i talked him out of it (he can't be mad at me) and he also caved. i definitely don't think i am cut out for a ten day cleanse even though i would like to be. i really wanted to do it, but after not eating food for one day, i really didn't want to do it. good luck (seriously) to anyone who thinks they can do it. troopers!!

anyways...i am a failure..


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