My most favorite blog in the whole world (An Experiment in poverty) owned by the lovely doing a giveaway this week for an amazing scarf from chickdowntown. It is a great Tolani Scarf!!
Living in utah you can never have too many scarves...
i am crossing my fingers!

here is the post if you want to enter too!

this is my favorite:



her she her
the summer feelings that she brings
the tangy twist on your tongue

25 cent overalls

i got these fabulous new overalls (lee brand) from a yard sale today on my lunch break (with the sweet camille, whom i love) for 25 cents!! Amazing yard sale i must say...i got some other finds that i will post about soon!!!
i just picture a blanket by the river
me wearing my overalls with a cute highwaisted swimming suit underneath and a cute gingham head band....reading extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer and drinking fresh squeezed lemonade...
and of course sunbathing
i should have been born in a different era...

I read this on a blog today...basically changing my life for good
"be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"-Plato

Great great

4th of july....

On the fourth of july we had a lovely day with the james gang.
Ash and scott came down from rexburg and justin and danielle made the trek from orem to spend the day in AF...

we had a picnic at rotary park. it was nice because we didn't have to spend the day in the sun because of the huge trees. joshua and justin bbq ed and we ate lovely chicken. after we played a little croquet.

it was so nice to spend some time with the family!! Joshua and i later went back to rotary to listen to the wind in the trees. We didn't watch fireworks because we were pretty tuckered from the long day at the it was definitely nice just to lay in the grass and listen to the wind...with your favorite person :)

hope your day was good...

I hope to win!!!! is having a giveaway for a 25 dollar gc to target!!!

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