new fav blog

for those of you who are unaware of my blog obsession...i found a great new blog today...well i am sure that i have looked at it before but just didn't note it

i usually fall in love with blogs that have to do with crafting, creating, sewing, etc...
this is just about life
she loves her husband and so do i
maybe that is where my love for the blog comes from
or maybe i am just so in love
with her

i am cutting mine today
i can pull it off cuz i said so :)

check out that blog

springy skirt

i thought maybe if i brought the spring spirit out it would show it's face
here is the prayer of spring in a skirt

i love it
it is made with heather bailey fabric and we im-proved a pattern that we saw in the material girls....
It is just lovely

(2 posts in one day is a little crazy for me)



i love mocassins...
these are my new ones
i just purchased them today
i was trying to get out of my box
but i bought mocassins



thinking a little shorter
straight across bangs
more fun


made it...

I made the tablerunner in my last post with the cutest new fabric called wonderland by momo for moda. It turned out adorable. What i love most about it is that it has scissors in it...representing my love of sewing. It just makes me smile to look at it!! I am still working on the binding (by the way my mom and i went to an amazing binding class last saturday at corn wagon quilt co. and we learned how to bias bind like pros :) ) But i did use my favorite fabric from the line...the pink scissor fabric. I have been making so many bags that it was so nice to take a break and sew something for myself. It was really fun quilting it with a regular machine and quilting foot. It will look great in my new kitchen :)

Again please ignore the photography...iphone working for me here :(k
no good

missing the j man like crazy...maybe that is why i am sewing so much...i gotta keep my mind off of him...he is in toronto tonight and he is greatly enjoying it

Look at the adorable pink scissor binding:

j'adore easy

this is such a simple but adorable tablerunner that i found on
i am planning to make it...after we find a house of new projects are welcomed into our sweetie provo home (i have made a pact with myself)...


i have been busy making purses again...these ones are all in different stages, but the one on the left is near completion! it is so much fun! let me know if you want one by commenting on my blog with color scheme etc. or email me at
they are $50
thanks! enjoy!

must have

i need it...BAD!

lately i feel like i live at work...i recently went from working part time to working full time!! Since I am always here i felt it would be appropriate to get some pics in the scrubs.

On another note, joshua and i have been spending a lot of time together lately. We are not anticipating the upcoming tour...bummer!

sunday was such a wonderful day...the first day of march and it couldn't have been warmer.

joshua and i decided to eat bagels and chomp grapes as we laid on the trampoline in the backyard like two little kids. it was marvelous. we then took quite a long walk around provo adoring all the beautiful homes that the city has. it was great. if only we could pick up some of those homes, completely restored of course, and move them to a greater place...not that provo isn't great, but it has many all the other houses that have been changed into 12-plexes and trashed by students...

i can't wait for spring; for just one day i could be super happy because the sun drenched my body. hopefully soon we will see mr sunshine again.

the pics are a little distorted due to the iphone...he doesn't always take the best of pics.

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